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Pinal County Careers

Serving a population of almost 500,000 in the county, Pinal County is one of the largest employers. We provide a host of efficient, effective, and needed services through motivated and talented employees. Explore our career opportunities and learn more about why Pinal County is a great place to work.

Find the Perfect Job

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Find the Perfect Job

From openness to diversity, Pinal County continues to set the standard in providing career development in a wide opportunity of over 300+ careers. Find which one is right for you.

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Explore Benefits

Pinal County offers inspired ways to reward our people. From top tier affordable medical, dental, and vision our benefits package goes into truly innovative areas of wellness and rewards that meet our staff’s needs beyond your typical compensation package.

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Learn About the Perks

LiveWELL, PlayWELL, EatWELL, WorkWELL there is more to just being an employee at Pinal County. By being part of a leading team you are rewarded in new and innovative ways. From free stuff, to discounts, to participation and health we offer employees freedom to live their best life and make the most of the employee experience.

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Our Culture

Why: Enriching Lives beyond Expectation. Viewpoint: We find successful solutions through flexibility, integrity, and innovation. Non-Negotiable: Everyone must have Accountability, Commitment, and Teamwork.

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Meet your Teammates

Pinal County is more than just a job. Employees stay here 50% longer than the average job in the US. The culture of the County is about service and purpose. Find out why your teammates do it.

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Pinal County. Wide Open Opportunity.

At Pinal County, we are more than just a job. We are concerned with our citizens, our employees, and our service. Rather than saying what we do, we say why we do it. The fastest growing county in Arizona means that we have to have a dynamic workforce. See how you can be a part of it.

Get Involved.

Find out how to get involved in this important process - good government is not just the responsibility of elected officials and County employees; residents also play an important role.

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